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Yacon Syrup – A Different Way To Lose Weight



Yacon DietWe can not dismiss the latest craze in dieting – the natural weight loss superfood Yacon Syrup. It has recently been on the Dr. Oz Show, in magazines and everyone seems to be talking about it. As we have received some questions about this product, we decided to see what is all this fuss about.

What Is It?

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word “yacon syrup” is that is must be something similar to maple syrup and other sweet syrups that you can eat your Sunday morning pancakes with. Well, it is similar to these, but offers so much more than just the sweet taste.

Yacon is a plant that grows in South America and the syrup extracted from its roots and leaves has many health benefits. It tastes sweet and works as a low calorie sweetener and sugar replacement. It has health benefits starting from lowering the risk of diabetes and cancer to giving relief to constipation and helping with weight loss.

Benefits Of Yacon Syrup

Here are just some of the benefits that you can experience when taking Yacon Syrup:

  • Suppressed appetite and less cravings
  • Better absorption of nutrients and vitamins
  • Stable insulin and blood sugar levels
  • Strong immune system
  • Increased bone density
  • Low blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • No more constipation

How Does It Work?

All the powers of Yacon Syrup are there thanks to fructooligosaccharides (FOS) that make up about 40-50% of the syrup. FOS is a kind of sugar that does taste sweet but gives you no calories and no carbs. It keeps the bacteria in your stomach under control, removing bad bacteria and allowing good bacteria to grow faster.

Yacon also contains a lot of fibre, making you full and taking away most of your food cravings. It gives relief to constipation problems and a boost to your metabolism. All in all, Yacon Syrup should help you burn more calories and keep you strong and healthy.

But Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

The science behind this product shows that it should work. There have also been a couple of studies and plenty more to come for sure. An unofficial testing done by Dr. Oz showed that 27 out of 40 women lost weight when they took Yacon Syrup for 4 weeks. There was also a clinical study a few years back where women who were given Yacon lost 33 pounds on average in 120 days.

This sure looks promising, especially since it gives these results without having to change your lifestyle. While it is still a new product, there isn’t too many user reviews available yet, hopefully we will see more feedback in a few months.

How To Choose The Best Yacon Syrup

Now that this dietary product has become so popular, everyone is making it and selling it. Finding the right product may be difficult.

We recommend Yacon Diet which is available as a regular Yacon Syrup but also comes in a form of Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Pills for those who don’t like carrying along a bottle of sticky syrup or those who don’t like the taste (even though it is indeed quite delicious). Both of these products are made of 100% pure Yacon and come with all the benefits listed above.

Bottom Line

We do think that Yacon is a great dietary product which should improve your health and also be beneficial to weight loss. If you are looking for a sweetener that also helps you shed off some extra then try Yacon syrup.
The Yacon Diet

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