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Acne Treatment

Struggling with Acne? Blame Your Government!



A poll was carried out in London, England, by British Association of Dermatologists. It showed some rather interesting results. 90% of dermatologists who took part in their annual conference admitted that since the recession began couple of years ago people have more problems with acne, psoriasis and eczema. Unfortunately being hit badly by the world wide economy problems, some people facing another problem with acne outbreaks has lead to increased numbers of people committing  self-harm and suicide. So it was pointed out at the congress that it is important to address any underlying emotional problems as those can trigger physical problems as well.
Out 105 doctors and nurses took part in this survey (all being specialists in skin conditions) 41% admitted that they had noticed a considerable increase in stress-related break-outs. 5% even said to have seen “huge” increase.
So it’s almost certain that we can all blame the Government in our acne and other skin conditions. Of course some people can have other reasons of having acne so if you think that the economical turmoil is not the reason of your red skin or black spots and would like to combat those symptoms then you can try one of the latest developments in acne treatment – Clear Skin MAX People behind the product have revolutionized the thinking how acne treatments should work and have come out with an amazing collection of products to free you from acne for ever (at least that’s what they promise, backed by 30 day money back guarantee!)
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