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How Celebs Fight Cellulite



I just found an article from HeatWorld where Cheryl Cole has exclusively revealed this:

I get cellulite, I’m a girl.

Yes, you heard it from the horses mouth (well, not literally), Cheryl Cole has got cellulite! And carries on describing her way to lose the cellulite off her bottom with the help of celeb fitness guru Tracy Anderson:

It is exhausting,” says Cheryl. “I work out every day. The Tracy Anderson method is amazing. It has completely changed my body [and] my attitude to exercise. It’s so, so hard. It’s a killer, complete torture. But it has to be done!

Yea, right girls, it has to be done 🙂 But to be fair to her there is a reason why she is our most loved celeb in Britain, the sexiest woman of the World (voted by the readers of FHM magazine) both in 2009 and 2010. After reading how she is describing her workouts it gently reminded me that I haven’t been in the gym for months. Her trainer Tracey Anderson adds:

As perfect as Cheryl may look, it takes a lot of hard work and she revealed, “Instead of working the main leg muscles, I worked the tiny ones around Cheryl’s thighs. This pulls the big leg muscles in and makes her thighs look slimmer.”

So what can us, normal girls do to get rid of cellulite? Please men, bear in mind that we haven’t got our own personal trainer in hand, and also lacking hours every day to keep the family fed, houses cleaned and all of this after doing 8-hours shifts at work. That puts us firmly off the radar when next voting starts for the sexiest woman in the world.

Here is a small tip from Miss Cole’s entourage we can certainly use ourselves:

Cheryl also swears by fake tan, “Cheryl knows that a tan is a massive help in making your legs and bum look fab,” a Chez insider explains.

I’m intending to pick up my training again. I’m going to get my husband clean the rooms once a week, ask him to make tea and hopefully that frees up an hour or two 3-4 times a week so I have time to go walking. Walking apparently is very good, an hours walk burns 300-400 calories which is not bad. I know some people use ski poles when walking, it’s called Nordic walking. Having ski poles will get your hands working as well as legs which will make you burn even more calories.


But for you gals, who have tried pretty much everything already or have not got time for any exercise at all, I heard there’s a new product out, Slendex. Apparently it comes as 2 products. Tablets, what you eat about 30 minutes before every meal time – they are supposed to make you eat less which is a fab idea, and a mousse you apply to your troubled cellulite area twice a day, first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Billie Faiers from the TOWIE has been using it and seems she is happy with it and even recommends to buy Slendex. I actually love Billie although she looks like a proper celeb she isn’t the skinniest around which makes me feel good about myself and not too worried about my cellulite.

So keep it up girls, do not get too carried away by all the celebrity magazines and images of skinny celebs walking around on 2 sticks. For every skinny celeb there are 1000 normal looking girls and bare in mind that they way we look is norm, not the way celebs look!


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