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Five Must Visit Destinations of 2018



Tallinn, Estonia

Enjoy the best of history, arts and culture

Ibn Battuta once famously stated: “Traveling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller”. Vacationers today are blessed with an abundant choice of destinations – from unexplored towns to high-end havens. So whether you’re looking to relax, learn more about art and history or wanting to eat your way through a happy holiday, here’s our pick of five destinations that will make you want to pack your bags right away!


Azores, Portugal

This Portuguese archipelago of nine volcanic islands is home to rolling hills so green they’re practically luminescent, jagged cliffs, black-sand beaches, and waterfalls running into other waterfalls: it’s no wonder that Azores is known as Europe’s best-kept secrets.

In addition to offering a variety of outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy and explore the scenery such as hiking, canyoning, paragliding and horse riding, visitors also have the chance to experience volcanic craters up-close. If that doesn’t spell adventure, then I don’t know what else would!


Tallinn, Estonia

Are you looking for a budget friendly holiday or planning a weekend getaway? Then head to Northern Europe to the city of Tallinn in Estonia.

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and is a popular destination for travelers looking for a modern, easy to explore city beaming with a rich cultural scene in the local historical setting. The city is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has one of the best-preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world- Tallinn Old Town.



Fiji is synonymous with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and serene surroundings. Known for its luxurious private-islands, all-inclusive resorts, top spas, culinary destinations and outdoor adventures, Fiji is most widely celebrated for its culture, which warmly welcomes visitors home. Discover beauty at its finest through endless stretches of intensely colored reefs and more than 1500 exotic species of fish and colossal creatures underwater.



A surprising 300 kms from tip to toe, Montenegro is a beautiful example that everything good comes in small packages. The country in the recent past has seen a massive hike in tourism, and it’s easy to see why.

Be awed by the wide-ranging natural and man-made wonders – Mountainous hinterland nestling deep canyons, gushing rivers, glacial lakes and primeval forest, popular for adventure activity. The serpentine coast skirts glistening ports, from palazzo-embellished Perast in UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor, to Tivat, a swanky super yacht marina.


Quito, Ecuador

Surprised to see this one on the list? Quito was actually the first city to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, back in 1978. If you’re looking for a holiday full of surprise discoveries, we suggest heading out to Quito.

Sitting 2,850m above sea level, the city is built atop the ruins of an Incan city and the historical center of Quito is known to be the best-preserved and least altered historical center in Latin America.


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