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Celebrity Diets – Luisa Zissman



o-LUISA-ZISSMAN-facebookBritish entrepreneur and celebrity Luisa Zissman, the runner up of the ninth season of The Apprentice and a cast member of Celebrity Big Brother 13, is not only known for her controversial Twitter statements, lesbian kisses, and sex addiction, but also for her perfect hourglass figure. She sure seems like an interesting person to find out more about.

For her young age (she was born in 1987), she sure has done a lot. She is running three businesses – an electronics business, a baking websites, and a cupcake shop. But that’s not what she is famous for.

Most of her celebrity came with her being in The Apprentice in 2013. Despite scoring low on her AS level, she finished as the runner up and did quite well for herself. Now she is making waves again in The Celebrity Big Brother that first aired in January, 2014. I guess it’s good for business to be featured on TV all the time…

Since she is a TV personality, her personal life is well known as well. She has a daughter with her now estrange husband, Oliver Zissman. She is very open about her sexual relationships, about her being bisexual and a former sex addict. Although she confirms that her addiction days are now over, she still acts very provocatively in the BB house.

But all that doesn’t interest us half as much as her weight issues. She has been known to yo-yo diet and according to media, she had a really hard time getting rid of her belly after giving birth almost 4 years ago. Today she is back in top shape, so how did she manage that?

She has shared her struggles with the world. At first she tried all possible diets, but that didn’t end well. She said that she kept losing and gaining, without being able to keep her ideal weight for long. That lasted for a few years. Finally, she was able to get rid of her mummy tummy by taking Forza Raspberry Ketone pills (available from Slimming.com).

She started taking these pills after hearing critique about her bikini body when she was holidaying in Spain. Luisa has told the media that unkind comments on Twitter and seeing the unflattering photographs of herself made her take action.

According to her, she lost a stone in just one month! This is quite incredible. While the pills certainly helped, she must have done a lot of working out and dieting to get there so fast. Anyway, now Luisa can show off that perfect body again, and seems like she is no longer insecure about her weight. Her overall looks is another matter, there is some gossip that she spent over £1,000 on beauty treatments before her latest reality show.

With her looks and her wits at her side, let’s hope she does well on Big Brother.

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