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A True Story About A Woman Who Battled Self Consciousness Due To Her Muscular Body



Self-consciousness can affect any person at any age; regardless of how accomplished they are in their life. Kelsey Wells, a well-known fitness influencer describes how she fought her emotions before she embraced her figure.

“The first time I saw a photo of myself flexing like this (years ago when I first began consistently exercising) my first reaction was not kind. I felt uncomfortable and my automatic mental response was to feel self conscious of my legs,” she wrote, later adding, “I just wanted to be thin.”

Kelsey worked as an architect before she embarked on her fitness journey, which began after the birth of her son. Today, she is a great supporter of focusing on fitness rather than on weight. She claims that if she’d stuck with her initial weight-based mentality, she would’ve given up on her journey a long time ago. But she’s since come to measure her progress in other ways, like “strength, ability, endurance, health, and happiness,” and to pay more attention to her body composition than her actual weight.

Natural/FLEXED💪🏼🤓 . I remember vividly about a year into my fitness journey, I saw a photo of myself flexing and my automatic response was to be a little self conscious about the muscle definition I saw in my arms. I was stronger than I had ever been and proud of that, but I also grew up just wanting to be thin and skinny — I never aspired to be strong…times have changed. It also didn’t help that some of the people in my life at the time made comments to me about how I looked amazing and thin, but now I needed to be careful not to get too muscular. I vividly remember having lunch with a friend and she said “wow this is so weird, I can literally see muscle in your arms.. do you like that?” and the way she said it made me question everything and want to melt into my chair.🙁 BUT NOW HOW FAR I HAVE COME!! And I’m talking about my MENTAL gains babes.😊👊🏼 I no longer have ‘friends’ in my life that bring me down. I no longer give ANYONE’s comments or opinions the power to make me feel self conscious or question myself or my goals. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Your body is your own and no one has the right to tell you how you should or shouldn’t look, what you should or shouldn’t wear, or what you should or shouldn’t do. Strengthen your self-love and confidence through taking care of your beautiful body and loving it through every phase.🖤⚡️ . #pwr #pwrprogram #kelseywellspwr . www.kelseywells.com/app

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Her professional success is evident on social media, with a fan following of 1.1 million people. However, despite this she has to face comments from people such as “lifting is not feminine” or “you look manly”.

Comments along the lines of "you're looking manly" or "careful you don't want to be bulky" or "weightlifting isn't feminine" never cease to amaze me.🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 I choose not to respond to negativity, but I do have something to say about this and I want to say it loud and clear. NOT in response to those who have left negative messages and comments, but instead to ALL MY FELLOW WOMEN who have ever received a similar comment or been told they need to do/be something different to be beautiful or feminine. THE ONLY THING A WOMAN NEEDS TO DO TO BE BEAUTIFUL AND FEMININE IS TO BE HERSELF. We empower ourselves when we are living our truth and doing what we are PASSIONATE about with our WHOLE HEARTS. I was always a girly girl growing up and I love getting dressed up on occasion. What has surprised me though is finding I feel most beautiful when I'm gross and sweaty in the gym when I'm pushing myself in my training, and even more so as I'm wrestling on the floor with my son or any time I'm looking into that little face and teaching him about his world. . There is 100% beauty and femininity in lifting weights. Just as there is in dancing. There is beauty in MOTHERHOOD. There is beauty in marriage. There is beauty in being a homemaker. There is beauty in being single. There is beauty in pursuing a career. There is beauty in education, in learning both inside and outside of school. There is beauty in public speaking. There is beauty in private, sincere conversation. There is beauty in writing and cooking and cleaning and singing and playing sports and playing instruments and anything and everything else you might enjoy, because simply there is SO MUCH BEAUTY in YOU, you just need to choose to see it. And it has nothing to do with what you look like. So free yourself of the opinions of others and the beauty standards of society. Pay attention to the moments in life you FEEL beautiful. What are you doing? DO MORE OF THAT. 🖤 . kelseywells.com/app

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Despite her moment of self-doubt, Wells continues to share her body positivity and viral workout routines on her Instagram account always reminds her readers to “SCREW THE SCALE”.

Kelsey, WE LOVE YOU!


Source: Health.com

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